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Students tell inspiring stories of scholarship impact for EMU's Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign

Jewish Studies turns five this year and continues to provide life-changing experiences to students, thanks to our generous donors!

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Save the Date for Giving TRUE Day!

Giving Tuesday is now Giving TRUE Day! The Eastern Michigan University community is asking you to BE TRUE and GIVE BACK this year on our newly rebranded Giving TRUE Day on Tuesday, Nov. 28. Join together with alumni, students, faculty and staff as we give back on #GIvingTRUEDay. A gift to the cause you care about most on campus or the EMU Fund will make an immediate difference. And make sure to keep an eye on our social media pages on Nov. 28 as we have a full day of highlights, prizes and fun planned!

EMU Fund Student Calling campaign underway!

EMU students will be reaching out to alumni and friends of the University to update your information and ask for your support. They are excited to share their experience and we hope you'll answer the call! The EMU Phone Center hosts two 6-week calling sessions per year in partnership with provider Ruffalo Noel Levitz and employs only EMU students.

Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign

As faculty and staff of Eastern Michigan University, participating in our annual giving campaign is a personal decision. How much to give and in support of which cause are YOUR choices. However you decide, understand that EMU's list of worthy causes is lengthy and so is the list of reasons as to why we give. We give because we support students. We give because we want to see EMU build on its success. We give because we know the Faculty & Staff Campaign is an important part of helping the University achieve its goals. State simply - we give because we care.

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In the Spotlight

In their own words, students talk about the hardships they've faced and how donor generosity had made their journeys possible. Thank you.

EMU Foundation is located at 112 Welch Hall, 850 W. Cross St., Ypsilanti, MI, USA 48197 Phone: 734.484.1322